• Contrelle Activgard Pessary

    The Contrelle Activgard pessary is a brand new approach to solving the problem of stress incontinence. The main cause of the problem is that the floor of the pelvis has weakened, often because of childbirth, changes during menopause or other factors inherent in the ageing process...

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  • When the pelvic floor slackens in this way, the bladder falls slightly and the angle of the bladder neck changes. The result is that the associated musculature is no longer under full voluntary control during sudden stress...
  • The shape of Contrelle® Activgard is such that, when placed in the vagina, it lifts the bladder slightly, thereby correcting the angle of the bladder neck and preventing or reducing loss of urine, even during exertion. Just as important, the patient can urinate normally, without having to remove the Activgard.

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Benefits of Contrelle Activgard

Contrelle Activgard Key Benefits:

  • For stress incontinence
  • Easy to use
  • Can be worn for up to 16 hours
  • 80% reported improvement
  • 35% became completely continent
  • No noticeable side-effects
  • Invisible and discreet
  • Reinforces pelvic floor training

Contrelle® Activgard works actively, rather than passively. The material is soft, moulded foam plastic. When it is folded double before insertion, its elasticity will make it unfold inside the vagina. This gives a gentle support that lifts the bladder at the same time as adapting perfectly to the movements of the body. The outer surfaces of the Activgard are specially shaped to fit snugly against the bladder neck and rectum – so it is very important that it is placed correctly in the vagina, as shown in the drawing.

Easy to use 
Contrelle® Activgard is just as easy to use as a tampon. It cannot be felt or seen. When saturated with water before use, the Activgard does not absorb the natural moisture of the mucous membranes. Contrelle® Activgard is a simple concept that treats the problem rather than the symptoms. 

A normal life again
By giving the woman regained control of her bladder, Contrelle® Activgard allows her to lead a normal life once more. No longer need she live with the uncertainty of sudden and involuntary loss of urine, or put up with the inconvenience of absorbent pads or worry about odours. She can live just as normal a life as she did before she became incontinent.

Invisible and discreet 
Contrelle® Activgard is placed in the vagina and is just as invisible and discreet as a menstrual tampon. It can be used for up to 16 hours a day, without needing to be changed. Contrelle ® Activgard is a disposable product that is designed to be used once and then thrown away. 

Normal toilet visits
Urination is performed normally – the Activgard does not need to be removed. Contrelle ® Activgard does not compress the urethra but supports the bladder neck, allowing natural control to return.

16 hours a day at the most, less in some cases 
Contrelle® Activgard can be used for up to 16 hours a day. It should be removed prior to sex and only used during pregnancy after consultation with a doctor. During menstruation, the Activgard should be changed every 4 – 6 hours and can be used in conjunction with external sanitary protection. Tampons should not be used together with the Activgard. 

Three sizes
The Contrelle ® Activgard is available in three sizes and the user should experiment a little to find out which size suit her best. Some women will experience slight initial discomfort until they get used to the product, in much the same way as with contact lenses. 
Not sure which size to get? TRY THE STARTER PACK NOW TO SEE WHICH SIZE SUITS YOU BEST! Contains 1 of each available size.

Pelvic floor training
Contrelle® Activgard is not a substitute for training of the muscles of the pelvic floor. But it will reinforce that training – and be of great value in those cases where pelvic muscle training is not producing results. 

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is experienced very rarely. Of the few cases that have been recorded, half have been in women who use tampons. Most of them have been younger women who use tampons with extra absorbency. The Activgard is entirely non-absorbent when used correctly and saturated with water before use. 

No change in pH or bacteriological conditions
Studies conducted in Denmark have shown no changes in pH values or natural bacteria. Nor was there any increased risk of vaginal or urinary infection, or irritation of mucous membranes. Insertion of the Activgard can be facilitated by the use of a vaginal cream and older patients may benefit from local hormone treatment. 

Contrelle Activgard Instructions

Brief user instructions 
Contrelle® Activgard is just as simple to use as a tampon.

  • The Activgard must be saturated with normal, clean water.
  • It is then stretched over the applicator by placing the string in the notch at the bottom and pulling the Activgard over the rounded top.
  • The applicator and Activgard are then inserted into the vagina as far as the rings on the applicator.
  • The string is then slipped out of the notch and the applicator removed and cleaned ready for use again.
  • The Activgard is removed by pulling gently on the string. 

Contrelle Instructions For Use

Contrelle Activgard is a well-documented appliance for women suffering from stress incontinence. That is, women who experience involuntary loss of urine when coughing, lifting and running.

Contrelle Activgard is available in 3 sizes. Try starting with the smallest and continue until you find the size that feels more comfortable. Remember, each Activgard can only be used once (up to 16 hours a day), but it should be changed every 4-6 hours during menstruation. It does not need to be used before urination. It is inserted with an applicator, which makes procedure clean and hygienic.

It is important that you relax and give yourself plenty of time when you insert the Activgard. If you are tense, the muscles in your vagina will be tense too.

1. Before you start, you should read the instructions carefully and have this leaflet close by so you can read it as you follow each step:

  • Wash your hands before opening the package
  • Soak the Activgard thoroughly under running cold water. Remember to squeeze it 9 or 10 times to make sure it is properly saturated – then it will not absorb moisture from the vagina
  • When saturated, squeeze out any excess water

2. Put the Activgard on the applicator as follows:

  • Put the string around the bottom end of the applicator, with the knot in the middle of the small hollow
  • Pull the Activgard to the end of the applicator so its top rests in the depression in the middle of the inner surface of the Activgard

3. Adopt a comfortable position that makes it easy to insert the Activgard - a little lubricating jelly (available at any chemist or via your distributor) can make insertion easier. For menopausal women, the use of vaginal hormone cream can make it easier to use.

4. Hold the applicator by the rings and turn the Activgard so that its wings point towards the urethra and anus – not towards the thighs

  • Part the labia with one hand and insert the Activgard until your fingers touch your body
  • Ease the string off the applicator and withdraw it
  • Wash the applicator carefully, ready for future use

5. Contrelle Activgard should now be comfortably in place in the vagina, just under the cervix with the wings pressing gently against the urethra and rectum. Please note that the Activgard will only work when it has been correctly positioned in the vagina.

6. To remove the Activgard, pull gently on the string. Do not flush it down the toilet, but dispose of with normal household waste.


  • If you experience bleeding, irritation or any discomfort when using the Activgard, contact your doctor
  • Do not use the Activgard if you are suffering from any infection in the vagina
  • Consult your doctor about use during pregnancy
  • The Activgard should be removed prior to intercourse
  • Do not use anything other than the applicator to insert the Activgard
  • Do not use Activgard for more than 16 hours 

Consult your doctor if you feel no benefit from the Activgard or if you encounter difficulty in removing it.